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San Tomas West


• Anna Rosenbluth

• Ryan Coleman

Neighborhood Association

• San Thomas West

The Neighborhood

The San Tomas West CERT Neighborhood was founded in 2010 with five active CERT’s by Program Manager, Steven Teeter. In 2014 he recruited Jackie Wyckoff to lead the team. In 2018, Anna Rosenbluth and Ryan Colman took over as co-leads.

San Tomas West is one of only two Campbell neighborhoods with boundaries that span both San Jose and the City of Campbell - from San Tomas Expressway to San Tomas Aquino Road and Payne Avenue to Campbell Avenue.  With approximately 1000 homes in Campbell and 1000 in San Jose, it is one of the largest neighborhoods in the county.  The San Tomas West CERT neighborhood also includes parts of the San Tomas Aquino neighborhood.

San Tomas West has a strong team with 35 actively engaged CERT Academy graduates. Five members have extensive emergency medical training, one is a certified Emergency Medical Technician.  CERT member Ann Herosy is the Regional Disaster Chairperson for the American Red Cross. The team also includes four HAM radio operators.

For more information regarding San Tomas West CERT, please email

In the event of a CERT activation during an emergency, you can find the San Tomas West Command Post near the intersection of Bucknall Rd. and Saverio Ct.

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