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San Tomas


• Lynne Formigli

• Steve Klos

Neighborhood Association

• San Thomas Neighborhood

The Neighborhood

The CERT program for the San Tomas neighborhood was founded in 2014 with only four members. One of these members—Debbie Harris—accepted the challenge of leading this group in and around the Westmont neighborhood.

As of 2017, the team's membership has increased to more than ten extremely dedicated members. All of the members are certified Emergency Responders for the City of Campbell that reside within a two-mile radius of Westmont High School. The San Tomas members frequently practice their communication skills via handheld radios—a preferred method of communication, since radios are by far the most reliable method of communication during and immediately following a disaster. Members also attend regular meetings, drills, and social events.

The San Tomas group is a pro-active, collaborative, and cohesive team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The team embraces opportunities to reach out to its neighbors, as well as other Campbell and neighboring city residents. Members also participate in community outreach events, and collaborate with local schools with the goal of educating individuals about CERT, as they try to recruit more neighbors to join them in their efforts to help the San Tomas and Westmont neighborhoods during an emergency or disaster.

The San Tomas Community Emergency Response Team looks forward to the continued growth of its team and the ability to help its neighborhood.

For more information, please send an email to or pass a note though the Contact page.

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