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Hamann Park


• Afifa Tawil

• George Behrman

Neighborhood Association

• Hamann Park (HPNA)

The Neighborhood

The CERT program for the Hamann Park Neighborhood was founded in 2013 with four members. As of 2022, the membership has increased to more than 20 residents. We are a diverse group of altruistic individuals who are committed to the well-being of our neighbors and community. We have committed our time and efforts to prepare ourselves and to engage and train our neighbors on emergency preparedness in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Our team includes (2) licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and (2) certified CPR instructors, and (5) of our members are licensed HAM radio operators. 


The neighborhood we serve is roughly bounded by Moorpark Ave & Hamilton Ave, and Winchester Blvd & Highway 17. This team has both Campbell and San Jose residents in it.


We welcome new faces with open arms! Who doesn't want to have a solid plan for how to respond when the next big disaster hits?  If you are one of our neighbors we hope to meet you soon.  Please reach out anytime at

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