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Central Campbell


• Afifa Tawil

• George Behrman

The Neighborhood

The Central Campbell CERT neighborhood encompasses a wide area that includes both Community Center and Morgan Park neighborhoods. It is roughly bordered by Hamilton Ave to the north, San Tomas Expressway to the west, Budd Ave to the south, and Winchester Blvd to the east.


Our volunteer team is composed of 29 CERT graduates who live or/and work in either neighborhood (shown on the two maps).  We are always looking for new members to join our super neighborhood. Our Command Post will meet at the intersection of N.Milton Ave and Hedegard Ave in the event of an emergency.


For more information regarding the Central Campbell neighborhood CERT, please contact this team by email at

Central Campbell 1 of 2_edited.jpg
Central Campbell 2 of 2_edited.jpg
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