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Self-Paced Online Training

  1. Download the Participants Manual HERE

  2. Sign up and take the (9) Self-Paced online training units.

​Create an account on the CalOES training website.

  • Fill out the requested fields and click [Log In].  

    • Agency is Campbell CERT. Job Position is CERT trainee.

  • Now that you are signed up, you can begin taking the online self-paced training. You will find the portal here. Be sure to bookmark this page.

  • If you have logged out, log in using the credentials you used to set up your account. Click "My Portal" to access your classes. 

  • Go to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Course - Hybrid Training and click Open Curriculum and then View Details. There you can pick a unit and launch the course. This part of the training comprises 8 of the 9 units. 

    • We recommend bookmarking this page as well to make it easy and fast to go directly to the CERT curriculum.​

  • Follow this link for the Triage unit (the 9th unit). Select Launch to begin the class. 

FAQ about the (9) self-paced online classes

  • What is the Participants Manual used for? The manual is the course material that you need to read prior to taking online classes. It will help reinforce your understanding and answer most questions that may arise.

  • What if I have still have questions while taking this training? Bring your questions to the instructor-led checkpoints to discuss any questions you have. 

  • What happens if I have to pause partway through one of the (9) online classes?  You can take part of a course and resume later where you stopped, no problem. The application keeps track of where you are and which units you have completed.

  • I would like to review one of the classes but I already completed it.  Can I go back?  Yes, you can re-take any units you have already completed if you wish.

  • Life got busy and I wasn’t able to complete the (9) online classes before Skills day.  What are my options?  You must complete all 9 units before you attend the Skills day.  If things don’t work out the way you had planned and there are unfinished online classes the morning of Skills day, do not show up at the Skills day site.  Instead, contact and we will help figure out what your options are.  If you really want this training, we will absolutely assist you in finding a way to make it happen, even if it means saving you a spot in the next Academy.

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